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The begining

This is how it's began

Shiv Shanker Rice & General Mills was acquired and started its operation in 1989 on a small level and after years of our efforts, we have become a name that is trustworthy in the rice market . We produce and supply a wide variety of rice products all over India. We know our audience and also know how much they love to have meals containing rice of good quality. A good quality rice is always picked out from its fragrance and the size of the grain . We understand the importance of these factors and put in our best efforts to manufacture and supply delicious varieties of Indian traditional Rice. We have experimented and developed our own self-tested and efficient methods and strategies to produce the best quality rice in India. Our methods have proven in producing the healthy and nutritious quality of rice.

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Prepare Best Dishes With Premium Supreme No-1 Basmati Rice

Working Process

  • Raw Rice from Farms
  • Processed Rice from plant
  • Packed from our Packaging
  • Delivered to you

   Rice Varieties

Supreme No-1 Mongra Rice

  • May 26, 2018 |
  •  RS- PURA

Supreme NO-1 Mogra Basmati rice Fresh Harvest and Packed Avilable in 5kg|10kg|50kg packs

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Zaika Basmati Rice Dubar

  • Mar 10, 2018 |
  • Ranbir Singh Pura Jammu

Zaika Basmati rice Dubar(supreme No-1) is obtained from primeum basmati grain rice. the rice straint small in size is packed as Dubar and is available in sizes 5kg|10kg|50kg packs

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Why Choose Us?

Shiv Shanker Rice & General Mills is a recognized leader in Rice Manufacturing in Jammu and kashmir.We Produce High Quality rice with efficient Prices. The Product is Ensured for Quality and is Certified by various Quality cerfied Organizations.

Shiv Shanker Rice & General Mills producing Products for Consumers that is economical and efficient. the quality of rice is premium and is certified by organization like IFFCI . and Goverment of India. The final Product is cheap but ensuring the quality of rices

Shiv Shanker Rice & General Mills Have efficient Supply & Distribution system The Supply of product is done by various vehicles owned by Company itself and Promises to distribute the product same day of delivery !!

Shiv Shanker Rice & General Mills Management is Supportive and efficient helps in all the problems caused to the client at the various stages during the product purchase to product delivery to product trial !!!

Customer satisfaction is the prime moto of the company we already emphasis on the customer prime required .. have more than 10000 satisfied Customers that become the part of Shiv Shanker Rice & General Mills Family..

Our System works efficiently 24-7 to provide you with the quality products...