Shiv Shankar Rice & General Mills


The begining

Our Mission

There are several competitors in this business but the fact that makes us different is our constant attention and examination of our products. We do not just sow and wait to reap our rice. We provide utmost care and nutrition to our paddy. We want our rice to taste heavenly. We undertake frequent examinations of our product. We check and re-check our rice to determine that our rice is of a fool-proof quality. We consider this constant checking and re-checking as a hallmark of our product. We have laboratories that ensure that the product is healthy and good. The laboratories for quality management are well equipped and examine the samples, the incoming product, the in-process product and the outgoing product.

We have now grown to become one of the leading rice millers and manufacturers in the business under a properly guided and systematic management. You will be happy to find aromatic, slender, and sweet tasting nutritious rice manufactured by us.

The main reason behind our huge success is the consistency in the type of taste and the price. Because of this motto, we have gained several clients and the list is ever-growing. The other fact behind our success is the quality of our product that is on the market. As already stated, we aim to please our customers and satisfy their needs and requirements. Because of this principle, we are always motivated to make good, better and best of our products. It’s all about the Aroma and the Taste.